Chitwan Gaida Lodge... A Wildlife Resort

LodgeThe Lodge is centrally located at the Northern edge of the Chitwan National Park, a well known site for the  wildlife hardly 3-4 minutes walk up to the Park entrance office from the Chitwan Gaida Lodge. It is peaceful and tranquil area by the bank of Rapti river and just beside the park entrance. It is easily accessed from the east-west national highway which is only 6 km away from the small town called Tandi bazzar or Sauraha chowk where road gets fork and turns towards the south.

Chitwan Gaida Lodge is furnished with 14 rooms with attached facilities with both hot and cold water which is run by the Gas geysers. Chitwan Gaida Lodge is furnished with natural garden which has got beautiful mature trees cozy garden adjoins with the National Park forest and one of the corridor for the birds to get out of the park forest into the garden and cultivated lands for feeding. Garden has mature Mango trees which provide good food for the feeding parties. We can watch them feeding within in our beautiful garden from the room’s balconies every morning and late afternoon. More then 50 species within in the lodge area.

GardenFor example, Hornbill, Barbets, Bee eaters, Paradise Flycatcher, Brown-hawk Owl, Jungle Owlet, Chestnut- capped Babbler, Peacock, Warblers, Nuthatches, Four different type of Parakeets, Raptors, Bulbuls, Jungle Babbler,  and many more species can be seen within in the garden. In the night some time you can hear Rhino, Deer, Leopard, Jungle cat, Wild boar, Elephant noise from the lodge itself. Here, we have counted more than 50 species of birds before the breakfast short walk within the lodge area. Garden also provides opportunity to watch beautiful butterflies and lizards. Those of you come from long way to see the National Park, Chitwan Gaida Lodge will be the ideal place to spend some days and do the Park excursions with professional licensed Park Guides.

We are involve in  tourism since last 27 years. We organizing every activities inside and out side the Park. It will be your choice given first priorities because its important to see the park and mammals by you.


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